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With the Cape Town Cycle Tour, the Stellenbosch World Cup Mountain Biking Championships and a whole host of other epic cycling races coming up, we thought we would ask some of the big cyclists we know and love here at Sexy Socks for their top kit essentials. Without further ado, here they are.

Dewald Lötter 

I am a 32-year-old cycling fanatic – from the latest bike technology, health and training to looking good on the bike with kit and accessories, I’m passionate about it all. I pride myself on being approachable, learning new skills on and off the bike and being involved in the cycling community. I put hard work into my cycling endeavours and achieving great results – through training hard while maintaining a full-time job as a project manager.

What are your top three riding essentials?

I would say the contact points make a ride enjoyable or horrible:

1. Good kit/shammy/shammy creme

2. Good gloves

3. Good shoes/socks

Last one, favourite pair of cycling socks from Sexy Socks’ range?

The Cycling De Stijl socks are my favourite as they fit with almost any outfit and remain easy to clean after a MTB ride.

Elné Owen

I’m an enthusiastic 18 year old cyclist. I developed my love for this sport at the age of 14. I love spending hours on my road bike and I was lucky enough to go to the World Road Championships in Norway last year. This is my first year as an U23 cyclist and I’m extremely excited to see what it holds! I moved to Hilton in Pietermaritzburg at the beginning of 2018 to focus on being a full-time cyclist and improve my weaker points on the bike. I love travelling and I mostly travel for races in South Africa and I’ll be travelling to Europe at the end of May for some intense European racing! Cycling isn’t part of my life, it is my life!

What are your top three riding essentials?

My top 3 riding essentials have to be:

1. My Trek road bike.

2. Chamois cream.

3. Powerbar supplements – gels and bars.

Last one, favourite pair of cycling socks from Sexy Socks’ range?

I love my my pair of Wheels in white. I also own a black pair! They are super comfy and very stylish.

Bruce Campbell

I am a teacher by day and an adventure-seeker every other hour, always looking for the next challenge. I used to be a top triathlete but have since been diagnosed with a rare condition that has rendered me unable to run. I now ride my bike in many events trying to raise more awareness for the Rare Disease NPO and help others out there find a diagnosis and perhaps treatment for their condition. I really love the places I get to see on my bike and the people I get to meet.

What are your top three riding essentials?

Things I can’t go without when riding:

1. Chamois cream.

2. Sun glasses.

3. My multi-tool.

Last one, favourite pair of cycling socks from Sexy Socks’ range?

I really struggle to choose a favorite pair as I believe I ride with the pair that plays to my mood, I really love the new neon range and the Cycling Rocketeers are awesome as well. When racing I like The Checks, they are great to race in as when mountain biking I can sometimes go through rivers and mud, they look good before and after.

Dean Hopf

I started riding bikes when I was young, racing on the road and track. As I got older I started doing triathlons – and I now spend time running up mountains, riding along the coastline and avoiding the swimming pool as much as possible. Whenever I am struggling to find my training mojo, my bike is my favourite go-to – nothing provides the same escape from the chaos of everyday life.

What are your top three riding essentials?

1. A pre-ride coffee: I never start a ride without one. Perfect kick-start for any ride, even if it is a ride to get more coffee…

2. Sunnies: the African sun is brutal, and the Cape Town mountain bike trails are dusty, especially at the moment.

3. Quality bib-shorts: no one likes a sore bum…

Last one, favourite pair of cycling socks from Sexy Socks’ range?

Difficult one! In no particular order – Diamonds, Cycling Flamingoes and Cycling De Stijl.

Anthony Haralambous

I am actually a pilot with a bit of an addiction to endurance sport. I started my journey about two years ago, I was very overweight and started cycling to try lose a few kilograms and, well, the rest is history. I entered the Durban 70.3 in June 2016 and from there on in it’s been non-stop hammer time for me! 72kgs later I’m still not the best runner (in fact I hate running – I only do it because it’s part of the race), I somewhat enjoy my swimming but my real strength is pushing down on those pedals! There’s nothing more rewarding than riding a bike especially a mountain bike, killing yourself to get to the top of a mountain or trail and then being able to just bomb down some of the finest tracks and trails in the world – the adrenaline rush is something you can’t explain and the post-ride endorphins are what I think really get me coming back for more!

What are your top three riding essentials?

1. Food! It is the only essential in my eyes. Before, during and post any cycle, food is the key to my success! During a ride stroopwafels are my go-to and banana bread or the classic peanut butter sandwich.

2. Next essential – it’s not ‘cool’ but it’s the good old tight lycra cycling kit! If I’m going to be sitting on a saddle for 4-6 hours, I need to be comfortable.

3. Socks are imperative to being comfortable and looking swag when riding. Key things in a sock are a thin sole and thick but comfy leg without a tight cut off.

Last one, favourite pair of cycling socks from Sexy Socks’ range?

The Cycling Flamingoes and the Cycling Rocketeers.

Pietie Oosthuizen

I am 23 years old and have always loved an adrenaline rush. I’m a full-time modern pentathlete, which consists of swimming, fencing, horse riding, running and shooting. I travel all over the world to attend competitions and 2020 Tokyo is my biggest dream of all time. Cycling forms quite a big part of my life as I enjoy hitting the trails on my mountain bike or exploring some roads with my road bike. My love for the bike started from a young age on a motorcycle actually – I made the switch over to cycling as my dad thought it was a safer option for me.

What are your top three riding essentials?

There are many, many things that are important when cycling. The top three things for me:

1. Most importantly, making sure you are nourished and hydrated when on the bike. Without the correct hydration, you put your body under some serious pressure. Eating is also important to keep up the energy levels, I love using energy bars and small snacks while I ride.

2. A spare tube when cycling on the road bike.

3. A mountain bike repair kit.

Last one, favourite pair of cycling socks from Sexy Socks’ range?

I love the Polkadots!

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