2018 was a truly confusing year for fashion. Think bike shorts, tiny sunglasses and too many ruffles. But statement socks, they were a definite winner – and continue to be so. If you haven’t already got in on the action, then this is the year to add a pair or five to your sock drawer. Not sure where to start? Here are our top socks of 2018.


Perhaps your facial fluff dreams of becoming something Burt Reynolds-esque. Or maybe you recently caught a rerun of Magnum P.I. Whatever the reason, a ‘tache is what you want. But let’s face it, not everyone can rock one like Tom Selleck. The answer? Our Sexy Dappers.

De Stijl

Naturally, we think all of our socks are works of art. But these guys really bring the idea home, celebrating the De Stijl art movement. Abstract, basic visual elements and primary colours were the name of the game, and now you can wear this very genre on your feet.

Piña Colada

Do you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain?* Then you’ll love these tropical-inspired socks. Made from the softest bamboo, you’ll never ever want to take them off.

*Good luck with getting that song out of your head now!


Not looking for anything too wild? Then keep it classic with these plaid numbers, in shades of blue, black and white. They are sure to add a subtle twist to your everyday office attire – you really can’t go wrong.

Avo Love

Not yet. Not yet. Not yet. EAT ME NOW. Too late. – Avocados

We all know the struggle. Avos can be fickle friends. But not in sock form. Slip on a pair of these babies – they’re crazy soft, hypoallergenic, anti-odour, antibacterial and they’ll never let you down.

We think it is high time that you treated yourself to a brand-spanking new pair of socks. Truly. It’s not like we are biased or anything. Check out our full range here and get shopping.

’Tis the season of trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for absolutely everyone in your life! Seriously, we know how hard it is to pick out a present that is cool, useful, and also meaningful. But we have the answer: Sexy Socks. See our 2018 Gift Guide below (we may have got a little obsessively specific).

For humans who love dogs more than people | Hot Dogs + Max

Who doesn’t love a Boston Terrier or a Daschund?! Feisty, fashionable and fun to have around – much like these soft bamboo socks from our new range. Guaranteed to make ’em crack a smile.

For the one who loves to cast out | Gone Fishing

These supremely soft bamboo socks make the ideal gift for someone who’s into casting out and they’ll add a splash (yip, we’re always here for a pun) of quirk to any outfit.

For the yogi in your life | Namaste

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your flexible friend, these incredibly soft socks are just about as comfortable as child’s pose.

For a monochromatic kinda guy | Black Tie

Black and white does not have to equal boring. Whether these are teamed up with a sharp black suit or even ripped denims and sneaks instead, they’re sure to become their new favourite pair.

For the true Capetonian | There She Is

They’ll love these socks not only for their Table-Mountain-inspired design – but because they’re crazy comfortable too. They make the perfect gift for someone missing home or visiting for the first time… just saying.

For the millennial in your life | Avo Love

Smashed avo. Sliced avo. Diced avo. Whole avo. We love it in all its forms. Treat a friend to these soft bamboo socks, designed with the millennial in mind.

For someone looking to pay it forward | Our entire range

If you are looking for a Christmas gift that means a lot more than most, look no further than our Sexy Socks. Many children in South Africa go to school without something as basic as a pair of socks to wear. And so our mission is a simple yet powerful one: for every single pair that we sell, we give school socks to a child in need.

At the end of the day, everyone needs socks. Wouldn’t it be much better if they were at least cool? Check out our full range. We have something for everyone. Christmas gifting sorted.

Being an entrepreneur certainly has its highs and lows. Everything is pretty much learnt along the way and you’re bound to make a few rookie mistakes. However, there are some lessons you don’t have to learn the hard way. It’s important for entrepreneurs to learn from each other. So today, Dave Hutchison, Founder of Sexy Socks, shares a little about his journey so far.

Where did you get the idea for Sexy Socks?

I was lying on my bed, trying to catch a sneaky afternoon snooze, when the doorbell rang. At the gate was a homeless man, drenched to the bone and shivering. His name was Solomon. All he wanted was some food. I welcomed him in and gave him something to eat, and set about finding him some dry clothes. I began to realise that there was no way that this man’s plight was unique. How many thousands of people are either homeless, living on the streets or in difficult circumstances in South Africa, freezing and cold?  Surely there was a way in which businesses could help.

And that is how Sexy Socks was born. Based in Cape Town, Sexy Socks is determined to give school socks to every child in South Africa’s most underprivileged schools. Too many children go to school without socks because they simply cannot afford such luxuries. Our mission is to change this: for every pair of Sexy Socks sold, a pair of school socks is given to a child in need.

What are the main reasons for the success of Sexy Socks?

Sexy Socks is about so much more than just socks. Of course, our socks are awesome (super soft bamboo + designs we love) but they are, most importantly, the vehicle we use to make a larger impact on society. Our socks represent an opportunity for our customers to have a direct impact on the lives of those less fortunate. Sexy Socks talks directly to the heart of many South Africans and offers an alternative to the way that most businesses operate in South Africa.   

Another reason is that we have listened. We have listened to those wiser than ourselves, and welcomed all guidance that has been offered. We have made mistakes but we have made sure that we stop and look at what went wrong, and what learnings can be taken from the experience. And all along, we have stayed true to the vision behind the brand.  

As the founder of Sexy Socks, what are you most proud of?

I still get excited every time someone tells me that they own a pair of Sexy Socks. To watch the brand grow, and to see how many lives we have been able to touch with the support of our customers is something that I am really proud of.

And then there is my team. I am fortunate enough to work with a young, dynamic, passionate team who come to work every day excited about what we are building. To see each member of my team learn, develop and grow, and to see them love the vision of Sexy Socks as much as I do, is incredible.

Finally, the Sock Drops. We have given away over 30 000 pairs of socks, and we have a further 50 000 waiting to go. Now that’s what I am most proud of.

Three pieces of advice you would give to an entrepreneur just starting out?

  1. Just go for it. You will never know what you can achieve unless you give it a go. And there is nothing worse than not knowing.
  2. Listen. There are so many people who have a huge amount of experience and knowledge, and who are more than happy to share it with you to avoid you making the same mistakes they did. Listen to their advice. Learn from them. And surround yourself with good, reliable people who share your passion and support your dream. They will make all the difference.
  3. Never underestimate your idea, or think that it is too small. I mean, socks really?

And the biggest lessons you have learnt so far?

Ask for help. Ask for advice. Sometimes it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel. Listen. And then, once you have taken it all in, decide on the best way forward.

The market is changing. Many of us are more aware than ever that our purchasing decisions can significantly impact both people and planet, particularly when it comes to fashion. The conscious fashion movement is something we are firmly behind here at Sexy Socks. Is it a challenge? Of course (it’s often not the most budget-friendly approach to running a business). But is it where we think business needs to go? Absolutely. Here are a few ways we’re embracing the conscious fashion movement.

Brilliant bamboo

Our socks are made from bamboo, which is a sustainable and eco-friendly material. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth and it uses about a third less water than cotton. It’s biodegradable and grows without pesticides. Our bamboo yarn is harvested using a mechanical process, rather than a chemical process, which would use harmful chemicals and negate its environmental credentials.

Undies that make a difference

Our range of underwear up-cycles fabric that would otherwise be headed for landfill. Using fewer resources to create our underwear and thereby reducing the clutter in a world already overwhelmed by fast fashion has got to be a good thing, right? They’re also handmade by a cooperative of women in Cape Town. Unemployment is a huge debilitating factor here in South Africa and we are stoked to be able to partner with such an awesome programme that’s creating jobs and providing important skills training.


Sexy Socks currently operates with a simple one-for-one goal – for every single pair sold, we give a pair of school socks to a child in need. Our sock drops are the highlight of our one-for-one business, because they provide us with a platform to talk directly to the children we meet about social entrepreneurship – hopefully inspiring students to follow a similar path and broadening perspectives on how profitable business can also make a difference to individuals and communities in need.

Local is lekker

Sexy Socks is committed to supporting South African business wherever we can and, so far, we have been able to find almost everything we need locally! Investing our money in locally-produced goods and services feeds directly into the upliftment of our community, and encourages the preservation of our local expertise and artistry. It also means that we import less, naturally lowering our carbon footprint. It’s a simple business choice for us.

We are proud of the role that Sexy Socks plays in the conscious fashion movement and aim to do our best always to have a positive impact through commerce.

We are on a mission to use our business to make a difference in South Africa and that is why we give a pair of school socks to a child in need for every single pair of Sexy Socks sold. There is, however, a bigger motivation behind this simple one-for-one business model, so read on for a glimpse of why we do what we do.

We don’t only do it because of the socks

We believe that social entrepreneurship has the power to effect significant change all over the world, but particularly here at home in South Africa. Our sock drops are the highlight of our one-for-one business, because they allow us the opportunity to visit schools in our beautiful country and share our experience of social entrepreneurship – hopefully inspiring students to follow a similar path and broadening perspectives on how profitable business can also make a difference to individuals and communities in need.

What it means to be a social entrepreneur

Social entrepreneurship is a form of entrepreneurship that focuses on the benefits that society may reap. Simply put, it’s about building a business with a larger mission to impact the world positively.

We want to inspire and foster this same entrepreneurial spirit (and self belief) in as many South African children as we can. Our message is simple: they too can one day create jobs; generate personal wealth; build brands that keep social and environmental concerns top of mind; and use business to give back to the community in some way.

And if they don’t go on to run their own businesses? We hope to inspire them to become agents for change from within the organisations in which they do work.

If we can inspire just one child to become a social entrepreneur in some way, shape or form, it will be worth thousands and thousands of socks.