5 ways to show off your Sexy Socks

One of the best things about Sexy Socks is that they go with almost any outfit. Yes, with practically everything. Now, we know you can hear your Mom’s voice telling you to “match your socks to the colour of your shoes” but times when socks were something to hide are long gone. Colourful socks are the way forward. If you’re in need of a little sockspiration, then take a look at our 5 top ways to show off your Sexy Socks.

1. Give power to the pedals

Our cycling socks are designed for comfort and performance, helping you breeze up those hills and motor to the finish line (while making you look ‘mean’ on the bike, of course). They’ve got a double cuff to keep things tight; breathable mesh to keep things chilled; super thin feet for our road cycling enthusiasts and terry towelling for extra comfort in our mountain biking range. Check them out.


2. Let the wedding bells chime!

Kit up for wedding season! An epic wedding (whether your own or a friend’s) is made by the little details and a kiff pair of socks should be part of your fancy attire.


3. Get snuggled up

Winter is our favourite season. Keep your toes toasty and warm with our bamboo socks and brighten up your day when the skies are grey.


4. Pair them with your favourite sneakers

Okay, kind of obvious. You have to wear socks unless you want to throw your sneakers away, so why not dare to wear some quirky ones? Team them with a light denim dress and a pair of Cons, or your comfiest beach shorts and sneaks. Be brave and show your socks off proudly.


5. Out and about

Wear them anytime, all the time. With so many colourful styles, you’ll never need to sacrifice your style, no matter the occasion. Let them peek out of your chinos, jeans or even your fancy-pants suit. They’re made with bamboo so your feet should feel great all day long. Added bonus? For every single pair sold, we give a pair of school socks to a child in need. So no matter where you and your socks are in the world, your support of Sexy Socks will be making a tangible difference in someone’s life. Worth it.

So there you have it. The case for wearing colourful socks is strong and we think you’ll rock them. Have a look at our range, grab yourself a pair (or two) and jump on the Sexy Socks bandwagon with us.

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