What’s on Sexy Sock’s wish list?

Guys. It’s that time. The time where you start running about in sheer panic looking for the perfect gift… or any gift really to stash under the tree. And the problem? At this time of the year, we’ve been so bombarded with ‘buy this, buy that’ advertising, we can’t see the wood from the trees and well, just as there is a thing called writers block, there is also a thing called gifting block. To help you out, here’s our Christmas list.

Christmas Sexy Socks

1. Nike Roche

OK so we’ve gone big with the first one here (and yes, fair enough, probably out of all of our budgets) but we can but dream…. and hope someone, somewhere is reading this with a credit card burning a hole in their pocket. Nike Roche…. you thing of splendour.

2. Aesop

One word. Aesop. Anything oh anything from Aesop. We’re not fussy…. like the Post-shave Lotion or the Geranium Leaf Body Scrub that works wonders on feet too. Yes.

3. Time with the Shoe Shine Man

Know someone who loves their Sexy Socks and fancy shoes? Treat them from the left field with a visit to the Shoe Shine Man. Read all about Andrew here and support this great cause.

4. A market date

Some things are worth more than their weight in gold. Time is one. Perhaps you ought to have phoned your Gran more this year. Perhaps you’ve got a best mate who needs a little more TLC…. make a date in their diary and take them to a local market like the Oranjezicht City Farm Market market on a Saturday morning. Browse and perhaps pick up a pair of Sexy Socks on your way out. Hey Presto.

5. Sexy Mountain Bike Socks

Our new range of cycling socks (of course). Designed especially for the road or the mountain, these are the socks that will help you, or your cycling mad friend, power through the pedals. Oh and for every pair sold, we give a pair of socks to a child in need.

Be safe out there in that crazy consumer jungle, friends. Have fun.

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