Warren: The guy who is going to climb Kilimanjaro and then walk home… to Jo’burg

We are super proud of Warren Handley, one of our Sexy Socks heroes, as he is about to embark on an epic adventure all in the name of raising much needed funds for Aluwani.

And what do we mean by epic adventure? Well he’s climbing Kilimanjaro and then walking back to Johannesburg. Here’s the low-down.

Tell us about your mission

On the 1st of April, Tom David and I will attempt to summit Mount Kilimanjaro and then walk over 6000km back to Johannesburg, South Africa. Our journey will take us through six countries – Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa. All the while, we will be living on the South African food poverty line which is an equivalent of $2 a day. The walk will take over 6 months to complete, walking an average of 40kms per day.

What do you hope to achieve?

The aim is to raise significant funds and awareness for Aluwani, an organisation that focuses on caring for orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa. Aluwani aims to empower communities with necessary skills that will allow them to care for the children of those communities, and lead sustainable lives. We also hope to engage with rural communities in each country on our journey to highlight the importance of Early Child Development.

Tell us more about your work with us here at Sexy Socks?

I have been lucky enough to be exposed to all sides of the Sexy Socks business, I currently maintain a sales role.

Last one, favourite pair of Sexy Socks?

Tricky, but I would have to go with the De Stijl.

We want to wish Warren and Tom the best of luck on their journey, Sexy Socks is routing for you! If you want to sponsor these guys, head over here.

You can also keep an eye on their epic adventure by following them on Facebook or Instagram.

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