5 ways our cycling socks will make you ride faster

If you’re here you’ve probably heard the good news. We’re stoked to announce that Sexy Socks has launched a brand new range of cycling socks and they’re available online or in-store, ready to help you breeze up those hills or motor to the finish line. Designed with the sport, your performance and of course, style, in mind, here are the five reasons they are going to give you the edge this summer.

Sexy Socks cycling

1. The breath-ability factor

It’s taken time and development to get the design of our cycling socks spot on but we think we’ve got it. Over the top of the feet you will find a mesh – this is all for the breath-ability factor. Less of the clammy feet, more of the cool, calm and cruising.


2. The extra support

As anyone with a fierce love of the bike will tell you, road cycling and mountain biking are two different beasts. And so it is with our cycling socks. Our mountain biking socks are kitted out with a toweling under-layer and a double cuff for the support required to master the uphills and single track.


3. The speed machine

For those who want speed and dream about hitting the road, our road-cycling socks are super thin (no toweling required) and designed to help you power through every turn of the cog.


4. The style

If you’ve been on this Sexy Socks journey with us for a while, you will know that style is important to us and why should it be any different when you are on your bike? Pick a statement pair, or choose a design or two that go with your favourite kit, and you’re bound to stand out from that Suikerbossie crowd.


5. Warm toes all round

Sexy Socks is not just any sock company. For every pair of socks we sell, a pair is given to a child in need. And our cycling socks range is no different. Sock up, and someone, somewhere, will be able to concentrate at school or run and play in the playground without blisters.

Climb those mountains, breeze up those hills, sprint to the finish…. but make sure you’re doing it in Sexy Socks style.


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