The socks you need for wedding season

Wedding bells are beginning to ring loud and clear as we head at pace into wedding season and so it’s time, without further ado, to sock up. Whether you are the man in the spotlight, one of the best men or just a guest looking for a glass of champers or two, the single lady and a good time, we can all do better than chinos and a tie. Here are our pick of socks to step out in this wedding season.

Sexy Socks wedding


1. De Stijl


If you’re the man of the moment, pop on a pair of our bamboo Sexy Stijl and you’ll just need to make sure the photographer doesn’t focus a little too much on your toes. Yes, they’re abstract, they’re bold but goodness, you are certainly going to stand out from the crowd.



2. Cyan and Magenta


OK so the pendulum swung drastically away from pink for a while there but we’re here to tell you it’s back in a big bad way. Expect to see plenty of bridesmaids head to toe in the stuff so you might as well join them. Besides, these Sexy Socks are not pink, they’re magenta.


3. Dappers


More of a subtle kind of guy and not ready to venture too far away from the chinos? Fear not. The Sexy Dappers are here. Subtle, go-with-everything and yet with the quirk you need to get you busting out those moves on the dance floor later.


4. Pink and Purple


Wear these Pink and Purple guys if you mean business this wedding season. Last guy still standing? These are catch-the-bouquet kind of socks. Oh yes. You’ll be next.


5. The Devils


If it’s your wedding, make it memorable with little touches like a kiff pair of socks for you and your best men (these Sexy Devils may well work nicely). Every single time you open the drawer to put those guys back on, the best of the best memories will come flooding back and that can only be a good thing.


And if you still haven’t found what you are looking for…. you can always take a look here and choose the pair that suits your colour scheme, style and general flair for life!


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