Why wear bamboo jocks?

If we’re honest, nearly all of us can admit to keeping that old pair of jocks hanging around the underwear drawer for a decade or two more than we should. You know the pair, stretchy, faded and pretty much crying out to be sent to the next life. Each time you put them on, you swear it’s the last but somehow they just keeping coming back!

Sexy Jocks

And so, we present to you our brand new Sexy Jocks! It’s time, folks, to send those old baggy pants packing and for you to welcome the world of bamboo, ultra soft (and Sexy) jocks into your life!

Why bamboo?

You might have heard us sing bamboo’s praises when it comes to Sexy Socks but why jocks, you may well ask? Here’s why.

1. It’s environmentally-friendly

Bamboo grows rapidly and requires only a small percentage of the water it would take to grow cotton. It’s also biodegradable and grows without pesticides. It’s sustainable and we like that.

2. It’s ridiculously soft

You have to touch these jocks to fully appreciate their softness. Just like our Sexy Socks, once you’ve worn a pair for a day it’s going to be hard to wear anything else.

3. It’s antibacterial

With anti-odour, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities, we don’t need to go into any more detail as to why you may want bamboo undies.

4. It’s breathable

Bamboo makes these jocks warm when you need them to be but also super breathable.

Like converting to craft beer, binge watching Stranger Things in a single day, or upgrading to fibre, you will not look back. Seriously, guys, these jocks will make you feel like a rock star. And when paired with matching socks… who knows what could happen.

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